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We have successfully completed numerous projects for many satisfied clients. Many of them are still with us today and we’ve had their trust for years.


Who are we?

We are a specialised agency for organising events, creative marketing concepts and preparing public relations strategies. We have been here for you since 2005.
We are
Creative individuals who form a group committed to work.
We want
To create unforgettable experiences for our clients and memories that last.
We claim
We carry out our work with heart, responsibly, professionally and in full.
Mojca Madea Majhen
Founder and CEO
Mladen Lulič
Partner and Creative Technical Director
Kaja Gabrijelčič
Project Director and Neutraliser of Sudden Complications
Sara Kocjančič
Project Director
Teja Žajdlik
Project Manager and Factotum
Teja Jakoš
Project Manager and the Head of the Anti-Sugar Rebellion
Kaja Komatar
Project Manager and the Head of Fun Expeditions
Renata Mavsar
Project Manager and the Head of the Anti-Coffee Rebellion
Vid Kek
Project Manager and the Head of Office Breakfasts

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