Each event is its own story. Each client is unique. Our expertise and experience allow us to realize projects and to satisfy everyone’s wishes. We design events thoroughly and quickly. Our work is based on an understanding and insight into services, products and brands of each client.

The technological excellence of our equipment and exceptional expertise of our technical collaborators generate the perfect conditions for outstanding events. We provide full technical support for every event: sound system, lighting, construction of various stages and more complex constructions, all logistics, hostesses, catering staff, catering, entertainment. All in one place, all with one team.

Successfully managing public relations is a continuous process that we help our clients realize and enhance. We achieve effective results through time- and content-coordinated activities. Relations with various publics, both internal and external, are planned for different opportunities, through different communication channels, which we weave into a comprehensive story. We also offer to teach our clients the skills of public speaking.

We research, design and implement corporate identity for events, products, services and objects. The corporate identity is designed and implemented by us. Companies also communicate their products and services visually. This is when shapes, colours and senses are given the opportunity to speak. When we design a corporate identity, we adhere to clients’ wishes and users’ expectations. Our goal is to surprise the latter by offering them a superlative they hadn’t seen before or even expect.

We offer recording, photography and filming services at organized events. We also film videos and create technically perfected and innovative projections: conventional, holographic, 3-D mapping. Our services include the design, direction, script and entire realization.

Companies utilize events to communicate through unspoken words. Clients build their magical story through events. Corporate events are the most tactile part of the company’s story. Values and quality of the company can be discerned from a perfectly executed event. We make sure that promises and ideas come to life. We predict the unpredictable.

We offer consulting and planning of promotional activities. Our ideas and recommendations are innovative, targeted, sometimes bold, but always effective. Increasingly demanding consumers expect increasingly inventive solutions. Being boring is the gravest error in our business. That is why we strive to create unique, surprising and bold solutions that leave a lasting impression on visitors. This impression makes for a good basis, on which companies can plan further activities.

The greatest concerts are those that generate an authentic connection between the crowd and artists on stage. This is also our goal. To create an experience for an exhilarated crowd that gets lost in the excellent music and great party. We prepare all necessary documentation for you: noise studies, security plans, technical realization and logistics for all levels of attendees.

They bring together experts from different fields in various formats: conferences, meetings, training, motivational programmes and seminars. We find the most suitable experts from the relevant field, which will further enhance your knowledge and knowledge of your colleagues. Our team takes care of all details pertaining to the event and logistic challenges, as well as provides creative solutions and the accompanying programme.

As we aspire to create high-quality and less commercial content, we gladly help organize charity events aimed at raising public awareness about various diseases and related problems, as well as fund-raising for humanitarian societies.